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VIP Self-Esteem Scale

The following list of 27 descriptive words and phrases apply to everyone.  Consider each of these as they apply to you now.  Rate yourself honestly on each item.  When finished you will receive 4 scores: An overall score plus 3 component scores.

Rate your satisfaction with each of the items as they pertain to you today. 1 = Very dissatisfied  2 = Mildly dissatisfied  3 = Neutral  4 = Mildly satisfied  5 = Very satisfied


Question Title
My health
My agility and athletic ability
My friendliness to others
My ability to express myself
My neatness and cleanliness
My walk
My helpfulness
My intelligence
My body shape, build, and proportion
My posture
My humor
My power of concentration
My appearance (face)
My confidence in my movements
My openness and honesty
My comprehension ability
My weight
My amount of tenseness or nervousness
My ability to be relaxed with others
My thinking ability
My complexion
My coordination
My listening ability
My clothes
My temper
My amount of shyness
My amount of conceit and vanity

VIP Self-Esteem Test.  Copyright © 1976 by Doug Spencer