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live well book 2 cover*NEW* Live Well Between Your Ears - Book 2: Get Your Head Around The Craziness

Do you struggle to maintain good health? Are you tired of the onslaught of new technology invading your life? Do you long for the simplicity of the good old days? Are you troubled by social unrest in the world? And, perhaps most importantly, has the explosion of political and corporate lying made you distrustful and angry?

You are not alone; many people feel the same way. The good news is, some of the problems are not that difficult. In fact, it's quite likely that you and a friend have sat at the kitchen table and solved most of them. The bad news is, many of your solutions are only opinions, and they count for precious little. This book offers scientific facts to replace rumors, lies, and opinions. Each short chapter shines a clear, mind-stretching light on today's mess of important topics that keep the reader turning the page.

Here are a few of the ninety-two chapter headings:

  • The rise of women and decline of men
  • Are you old yet?
  • Big data
  • Music as medicine
  • Home-made anxiety relief
  • Wonderful sleep
  • Approach to death
  • Optimal health and PH level
  • How to make yourself happier
  • Empty memories
  • Conspiracy theorists
  • Lies and face management
  • The beauty of being alone
  • Your body: home to trillions of microbes...





live well book 1 coverLive Well Between Your Ears: 110 ways to think like a psychologist, why it makes a difference, and the research to back it up.

Why do we do what we do? Why can’t we do what we want? How can we achieve and maintain psychological health? What are the consequences, especially for our kids, when science and education take a back seat to myth? Why are we not happier? What makes for good relationships? How can we adapt to the massive changes driven by a shrinking world, a shrinking middle class, and exponential growth of digitization?

Helpful answers to many of these kinds of questions are often found in obscure scientific journals. Many of these hidden bits of wisdom offer the best perspective to help us lead psychologically healthy lives, but we never see them. Now, they are boiled down here, in over 100 simple, short, fresh, and sometimes humorous chapters, to help you live well between your ears.

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