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Time Management Exercise.

This brief exercise or workbook will help you learn more about  the relationship between:  (1) your goals, (2) your skills and activities to achieve those goals, and (3) the time you spend on those activities. 

Effective time management occurs when the amount of time you spend on an activity is in balance with the value you place on that activity for achieving your goals.

Filling our days with activities which contribute to goals is satisfying. Doing things which do not contribute to our goals creates frustration. 

Copyright © 2003 by Doug Spencer

Using the list as a guide, check each activity you do which in any way relates to your long term goals.

If you do something that is not included on this list, and it is important for the achievement of your long term goals, include it by checking the box labeled "other" at the end of the list.



    * Any activity you have should only be counted in one category. For example, if you are working on developing your own

    business either count it as a 'special project' or a 'second job for money', but not both.