Welcome to Live Well Between Your Ears!

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When you live well between your ears your mind is at peace and in control, not racing from thought to thought. You are prepared, confident, and comfortable with yourself. Calm, but filled with energy, you feel alive, motivated, capable, and able to focus clearly on the task at hand. At your best and not worried or afraid, your emotions are under control, and your thoughts are positive.

Periodically we all hit some rough spots but when you live well between your ears you have the concepts and knowledge--the tools--to help you on your way.  This site is about giving you those concepts and tools.

BTW: If you hold your cursor over most of the pics a caption appears. 

West coast of Costa RicaCosta Rica Etter's Beach, Imperial, Sk, Canada

One of the tools is the free VIP Self-Esteem test. It is simple, quick, and  provides you with four scores, a graph, and average scores for men and women.

Another free tool is the Time Management test which provides an easy-to-interpret graph, customized with your input, that shows you those activities on which you spend too little or too much time.

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